Secret Love 75ml - Women Floral Fruity Perfume | Majouri


Secret Love



Eau de Parfum , Refillable

75 ml

For Her - Floral Fruity
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The Mood: 
A hidden garden of delights of fruits and flowers, hypnotic thoughts and dreams.

The Moment:
When a woman speaks with her body, her eyes, a simple touch. She doesn’t need words to tell secrets.

The Meaning:
With its joyful opening filled with exuberant mandarin blossom, blackberry and kiwi, it is impossible to imagine there are secrets inside. But SECRET LOVE, a uniquely feminine fragrance, is all about delicious discoveries, the desirable kind of sentiments unsaid.

Its intense floral bouquet features orchid accords and freesia, amplified with deep sensuality in its long-lasting sillage, describing a place between light and dark, seen and unseen, expressed and eternally secret.