1982 Refill - Unisex Woody Citrusy Perfume | Majouri


1982 Refill



Eau de Parfum , Refillable

75 ml

Unisex - Woody Citrusy fragrance
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The Mood:

Passionate, bright and authentic, a contemporary interpretation of desire. 

The Moment:
Where the spark of opposites attract: empowering the masculine in the feminine—and the feminine in the masculine.

The Meaning:
1982 is an open olfactive horizon, magnifying the masculine or feminine according to the skin it touches. It doesn’t define the mood, but adapts to it, a perfect reflection of individual feeling and the current air de temps.

Named after the birth year of MAJOURI’s founder, 1982 is the beginning, the spark. This radiant woody citrus fragrance adds edge and amplitude to open minds and warmth to honest character.