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What Are Woody Fragrances?

The diverse world of fragrances is highly enriching. To discover the different types of perfume, you should have a good understanding of the fragrance families wheel, which we discussed in a different blog post.


There are four main scent family types; floral notes, oriental notes, woody notes and fresh notes. In this blog post, we’ll focus on the woody notes in more detail, and give some examples from our collection.


Woody fragrances are perfumes that are created and inspired by woods. Woody perfumes are usually warm and opulent. Normally, sandalwood and patchouli, with drier notes like cedar are used in woody perfumes.

Woody fragrances can be both cool and warm, hard and soft, rough and smooth, rich and sparse, spicy and mineral, and much more. And this is why fresh notes like citrus and floral are mixed with the woody perfumes to tone down the warmth of this scent family.

Below are woody perfumes from our fragrances collection.

Blue Desert:

Blue Desert is a men eau de parfum with Woody Citrusy fragrance

Blue Desert is the ultimate fragrance for men in quest of escape. A sparkling entry of bergamot and mandarine reveals the freshness and vivacity of this fragrance. These radiant notes awaken a floral heart of neroli and orris. Sandalwood and Guaiac wood then unfold into a warm, woody base note, elevating the masculinity of the fragrance.

Perfume notes:  Bergamot, neroli and guaiac wood.
Perfume type: Men eau de parfum.

One of a Kind:

One of a Kind is a men eau de parfum with Woody Aromatic fragrance

One of a Kind pays tribute to the individuality and originality of each man through its unique and refined scent trail. A composition between woody and aromatic notes in which fresh and generous lavender blends with ginger, violet and sage. Sandalwood and vetiver as base notes reveal the power and masculinity of the fragrance.

Perfume notes: Lavender, ginger and sandalwood.
Perfume type: Men eau de parfum.


Signature is a men eau de parfum with Woody Spicy fragrance

Signature, an irresistible fragrance for any man looking for a timeless scent. The spicy top notes combining pink berries and black pepper give the fragrance an invigorating power and are contrasted by the captivating heart of smoky myrrh and ginger. Its emblematic ingredients are delicately wrapped in notes of vanilla, white musk and vetiver, all of which enhance the seductive side of this absolutely addictive Eau de Parfum.

Perfume notes: Pink berries, myrrh and vetiver.
Perfume type: Men eau de parfum.

The One and Only:

The One and Only is a men eau de parfum with Woody Fruity fragrance

A woody-fruity fragrance for a man with an enigmatic, sophisticated and impertinent personality. The One and Only fragrance delivers a fruity surge of lemon and bergamot in the top notes, wrapped in lily-of-the-valley, rosemary and nutmeg. Sumptuous harmony of musk, cedarwood and vanilla, the base note is resolutely addictive.

Perfume notes: Bergamot, lily of the valley and cedarwood.
Perfume Type: Men eau de parfum.


1982 is a unisex eau de parfum with Woody Citrusy fragrance

1982 is an Eau de Parfum for men and women with a radiant and captivating composition, combining freshness and sensuality. A sparkling entry of yellow mandarin and lemon hits the spicy notes of black pepper. In the heart, clove and ginger blend with ylang ylang flower and orris flower for a more intense and enchanting scent trail. Notes of musk, vetiver and cedarwood come to underline and soften the base, offering a deep and enveloping fragrance.

Perfume notes: Lemon, ylang ylang and vetiver.
Perfume Type: Unisex eau de parfum

Gold Noir:

Gold Noir is a unisex eau de parfum with Oriental Woody fragrance

Gold Noir encapsulates Arabic luxury and refinement. A mysterious, sensual and elegant unisex perfume. The fragrance opens with a light heliotrope note delicately combined with cinnamon and white woods. Its amber heart then blends with leather notes and juicy plum. At the base, tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla combine to give intensity to this unique, voluptuous and audacious scent.

Perfume notes: Cinnamon, amber and patchouli.
Perfume Type: Unisex eau de parfum

Silky Sandalwood:

Silky Sandalwood is a unisex eau de parfum with Woody Spicy fragrance

Silky Sandalwood honours the strength of raw, voluptuous sandalwood. A powerful and charismatic composition illuminated by the intense harmony of sandalwood and cedarwood. Wrapped in woody accords, a spicy touch of pink peppercorn brings sophistication to the fragrance. At the base, amber tones blend with warm notes of myrrh to create a rich, deep and elegant scent.

Perfume notes: Pink peppercorn, sandalwood and amber.
Perfume type: Unisex eau de parfum


JOUR 5 is a women eau de parfum with Floral Woody Musk fragrance

With Jour 5, perfumer Cyril Roland chose to honour women by developing a woody-musky floral fragrance that immerses the wearer in the heart of the rose. The perfumer offers a sophisticated, fresh and intense perfume for an independent and elegant woman. An entrance of fresh and luminous rose petals underlined by a zest of lemon brightens the fragrance. Its heart of rose is delicately wrapped in cedar and frozen musk and brings a touch of sensuality. An Eau de Parfum full of charm and femininity.

Perfume notes: Lemon, rose and cedarwood.
Perfume type: women eau de parfum


JOUR 9 is a unisex eau de parfum with Woody Spicy fragrance

Perfumer Jennifer Jambon reveals her feelings in Jour 9, a spicy, woody fragrance that reflects her inspiration of the day and awakens the desire to live in the moment. A sensorial and emotional universe filled with sincerity. In this fragrance for men and women, the pleasures of life are evoked by the spicy notes of pink peppercorns and sumptuous saffron, combined with magnolia, orris and osmanthus. An Eau de Parfum that invites you to express your happiness.

Perfume notes: Pink peppercorn, magnolia and osmanthus.
Perfume type: Unisex eau de parfum