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Majouri supports Women Children & Safe for Women’s Day

On the occasion of Women's Day, which takes place this Tuesday March 8th , Majouri has decided to support the Women Children & Safe institute, which works for women and children who are victims of violence throughout the world.

Majouri will donate 10% of its online sales to Women Children & Safe. The operation will last throughout the month of March on Majouri’s website

The Women Children & Safe Institute welcomes and supports women and children who are victims of all types of violence, wherever this may occur. For the first time in France, all the available services are brought together in the same place to ensure that both the health and the justice work together. This global integrated care is, of course, free, innovative and entirely personalized.

Being in total agreement with the message conveyed by Women Children & Safe, Majouri wished to make her humble contribution to help the institute pursue its mission.

March will therefore be a tribute to women. A unique opportunity to discover or rediscover our fragrances that put all women in the spotlight. It's up to you to choose which one will reveal your personality.

  1. The Iconic: Jour 5 (Collection Jour - For Her) is the signature fragrance of the Majouri woman, a journey to the heart of a wonderfully multifaceted Damask rose. Fresh during the day but also sensual in the evening, as soft as a petal and as prickly as a thorn. Queen of perfumery, the rose is also an icon of Majouri's heritage, at the heart of the term Jouri, the Arabic name for the Damask rose.
  2. The Enchantress: Charming Tuberose (Collection Quest - For Her) is an awakening of the most intimate senses, an undeniably feminine and disarming fragrance. As early as the 16th century, Marie-Antoinette had already made tuberose her favourite scent at the Court of Versailles. A comforting scent that blends jasmine and gardenia with fresh woody vetiver and a vanilla sweetness that gives the perfume a wonderfully enchanting trail.
  3. The Eastern: Jour 11 (Jour Collection - Unisex) is a fragrance that transports us to a spice market at sunrise, which awakens the senses one by one. Heading to another place in a world of oriental dreams. Violet, saffron and raspberry blend together in a soft, woody trail that leaves you longing for elsewhere.
  4. The Beauty: Sayidati (Genesis Collection - For Her) SAYIDATI means "My Lady" in Arabic. This fragrance is the oriental and universal portrait of the feminine ideal. Jasmine, bergamot and patchouli meet in floral harmonies honoring the oriental woman and her timeless beauty from which one cannot take eyes off.
  5. The Feline: Sweet Ambrette (Quest Collection - Unisex) honours the intimate link between animal warmth and the lightness of nature. Sensual, musky, but also floral and fruity, the ambrette, this plant seed will seduce you for sure. A veil of warm amber and sharp vetiver, enhanced by a musk-patchouli marriage that is both soft and powerful, like a panther.


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