Explore the world with the new BOHEMIAN TEA fragrance

MAJOURI enriches its QUEST collection with a new fragrance. A unisex fragrance that invites you to travel across continents and cultures. Ingredients that honour the beauty of the world.



An uplifting breeze of green tea 

BOHEMIAN TEA holds a dazzling green tea accord at its heart. While offering a touch of vitality, the poetry and freshness of green tea shine through in this wildly refined fragrance. 

The tale of a splendid journey taken by our green tea, eager to be adorned with ravishing scents from the four corners of the world.

A splendid aromatic journey

The sensory immersion begins in Southern Europe, where bergamot, mandarin and powdered iris are grown. The fresh and reassuring notes of bergamot blend perfectly with the soft and sensual florality of powdery iris. The mandarin, from the same olfactory family as the bergamot, has a tangy and stimulating scent.

The journey continues where the cardamom is harvested. Considered as one of the oldest spices in the world, Cleopatra already gave it an enchanting fragrance and used it to perfume her palace. Cardamom adds a refined and captivating touch to our perfume.

A gentle stay in North Africa

BOHEMIAN TEA's next destination is North Africa, where the climate and soil are ideal for the cultivation of the orange flower. A delicate white flower born of the orange tree, leaving a perfect sweet blend. Prized by French figures in the 17th century, the orange blossom still enjoys considerable prestige in the perfume industry. This passage through North Africa enriches our olfactory itinerary.


A woody immersion in South America

BOHEMIAN TEA extends its stay in South America through its notes of cedar wood and guaiac. Meaning "wood of life", guaiac wood offers a deep and soft fragrance, appreciated by men and women alike. These woody notes form a harmonious transition between the different scents that make up our new BOHEMIAN TEA.

BOHEMIAN TEA, an invitation to splendid lands

BOHEMIAN TEA is a plural fragrance that brings together aromatic citrus notes through exceptional ingredients from different continents. A richness emanating from the diversity of the world. Join this journey in one single breath of BOHEMIAN TEA.