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Floral Scent

In a previous article, we discussed the Fragrance Wheel and Scent Families and we learnt that the floral fragrance, or the floral scent, is one of the scent family types.

The floral scents are mainly used for women’s fragrances. In this article we will explore the floral scents in more depth, and explain more of the details about this scent type.

Floral scents


 What Are Floral Scents:

Floral scent is - as the name indicates - the scent that comes from flowers. It’s composed of all the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or aroma compounds, that are given off from floral tissue (e.g. flower petals). They usually smell like fresh-cut flowers or have a powdery note to them. Floral scents are perfect for the spring and summertime

As already mentioned, floral scents are mostly used to produce women's fragrances, but they are occasionally used for men's fragrances.

Floral Scent Subfamilies:
Fruity: Sweet, edible and tropical like peach, pear and apple.
Floral: Smells like fresh-cut flowers — imagine rose and lily.
Soft Floral: Soft, powdery and sweet with a hint of cream.
Floral Oriental: Florals with subtle spice notes.

Common Floral Family Notes:
Orange blossoms.

Floral Fragrances from Our Collection:
Crazy in Love
Secret Love
Charming Tuberose
White Rose
Sweet Ambrette
Jour 8

Ultimately, floral scents are widely used to produce fragrances due to their sweet and fresh notes.

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